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Y/ELM+ Protection System


Y/ELM+ was founded in Stockholm in 2021 out of a desire to remedy the lack of a progressive and innovative protection brand on the riding market.

Behind the brand is rider Alexandra Berhe, who, together with product development expert Erik Liden, wants to take safety for riders to the next level. Alexandra brings the experience and intuition of a longtime rider to the brand, having spent countless hours in the company of horses, in the stable, and outdoors. As a product consultant and former member of the team behind Swedish snow sports and cycling protection brand POC, Erik adds an unmatched product development expertise to Y/ELM+. The duo aims to raise the overall safety standard for riders to match it with products in other activity sports such as cycling, skiing, and climbing.

Alexandra: ”I’ve long felt that the riding sport deserves much better protection products. The safety bar for riders could be considerably higher. With Y/ELM+, I want to provide products that exceed the high safety standards and innovation of high-risk sports like downhill skiing, climbing, and cycling. But not only that. Equally important is that riders actually want to wear the product. That’s why we put so much effort and energy into making our products feel unobtrusive, comfortable, and look good.”

Erik: ”The lack of innovation in the riding product category is striking, and the need to raise the bar for safety and comfort for the new generation of riders is urgent. We aim to do that. To support our pursuit of state–of–the–art protection for riders, we have a stellar internal team and a network of people rooted in the Swedish tech, safety, and outdoor scene.”


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