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Equine America

Equine America is a traditional, family run business with over two decades of experience with equine supplements.

Equine America was founded in 1997 by Phil and Julie Middleton and is now run by their son Lee. In 2018 Lee brought on board world-leading equine nutritionist Deborah Lucas MSc.Eq.S., CBiol., R.Nutr. and moved all production from the US to Europe. Deborah is now instrumental in the design and formulation of all Equine America products, from the original Cortaflex® to an extensive range of highly effective supplements and external applications for horses, pets and people.

All Equine America products are manufactured in Europe in food industry standard factories, using only the most fresh, innovative and effective ingredients available from approved suppliers. We use state of the art, unique, fingerprint laser quality testing on all our ingredients. This ensures a uniform strength and quality along with an exclusive mixing process which ensures that each scoop contains equal amounts of active ingredients.


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