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Uncle Jimmy's

After months of experimenting in his kitchen in 2005, long-time horseman Uncle Jimmy was sure he had struck upon a treat to relieve the boredom of his own stall-bound horse; he was just as confident his treat would transform the equine industry.

Starting in late 2006, with little more than an idea and a bootstrapped business model, Uncle Jimmy introduced Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball to the market at the Equine Affair in Columbus, Ohio. Disappointed with the mediocre response to what he knew was a breakthrough product, Uncle Jimmy pressed forward. Five months later, equipped with a newly designed package and down-to-earth marketing, Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball went on to win multiple innovation awards at the American Equestrian Trade Association (AETA) Spring Expo in Richmond, Virginia. The awards led to immediate press recognition, tremendous dealer reception, and the true launch of Uncle Jimmy’s Brand Products.

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